Your candidates views on autonomy – Brian Nugent

We’ve been asking the candidates in the upcoming council elections what their views on autonomy are. The specific questions we asked are:-

1. Do you believe Shetland should have more powers locally?
2. Do you think autonomy is something the next Council should investigate (as the Orkney Islands Council are taking steps to do)?

We shall be adding a page for each response as they come in.

Brian Nugent – Shetland Central

I believe in self government for Scotland.

If Wir Shetland want autonomy, as in self government, then Wir Shetland should put their programme to voters in Shetland and find out what voters think.  Wir Shetland would have to become a political party, a suggestion I made at the Alting debate.

If autonomy means more powers for Shetland Islands Council, then it makes sense to me that the three island groups should work together to lobby the Scottish Government and see where that goes, to me OIOF (Our Islands Our Future) is the way forward.

Given Wir Shetland’s anti EU stance, I thought it was remarkable that Wir Shetland backed the Liberal Democrat in the Scottish Parliament election given how pro EU they are and they are now talking up a second referendum on the EU.

There is potential in Brexit for fishing but given how the Tories betrayed fishing when taking the UK into the Common market, I am not sure why people expect the Tories to look after fishing this time round.  I hope I am wrong but I suspect fishing will be sold out again.  Fishing effects so few constituencies in the rest of the UK that it is nearly a non issue there.

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