Wir Shetland Call for the democratisation of the charitable trust.

Shetland 10th May 2016

Wir Shetland pursue an agenda of returning control over our islands affairs directly to the people who live here, that philosophy directly carries over to the current debate on the future of the Shetland Charitable Trust.

A poll of our members shows the majority believe that the trust should be managed by a board consisting of directly elected members. The proposal by Johnathan Wills, while a step in the right direction does not go far enough as it allows control of the trust to pass to a majority of appointed trustees under certain circumstances.

The Wir Shetland committee call on their members and all Shetland residents to support Peter Hamiltons new pressure group “Democracy for Shetland’s Charitable Trust” It is vital that the current board members of the Shetland Charitable trust understand the strength of feeling the Shetland public have on this issue. Wir Shetland fears that If the trust falls in to the hands of a majority appointed board they will be out of democratic control for ever more. Only a change in the law will be able to return the trust to democratic control.

Wir Shetland Committee thank John Tulloch for his excellent service

Shetland 6th May 2016

Last Night John Tulloch tendered his resignation as Chair of Wir Shetland. The committee would like to express their thanks to John for the excellent work since the inception of Wir Shetland in October last year. John was the driving force behind the formation of Wir Shetland, and has worked tirelessly to grow the group to its current size.

The Wir Shetland Committee are pleased to note that Tavish Scott has been returned as MSP for Shetland. We believe that Tavish Scott holds beliefs and pursues policies that match the aims of Wir Shetland closer than any of the other electable candidates.

At the first meeting of Wir Shetland on 14th October last year the committee was elected from a membership of less than 50 people. We have grown nearly tenfold since that first meeting and John feels that it is no longer practical for him to take a leading role whilst remaining in his current home in central Scotland. John will return to full time retirement immediately following this election and prior to the EU campaign intensifying.

Vice Chair James Titcomb will take up the chairmanship temporarily until a members conference and EGM can be organised to elect a new committee and decide on future policy.

Notes to Editors

WIR SHETLAND is a multiparty campaign group dedicated to winning self-governing powers for Shetland.


  • To protect the long term interests of Shetlanders by achieving self-governing autonomy, in line with the democratic wishes of residents.


  • To achieve Falkland Islands-style British Overseas Territory or similar status.
  • To secure the legal rights of Shetland residents, businesses and similar bodies.
  • To develop trade and cultural links between Shetland and her political and geographic neighbours.


  • The interests of Shetland differ markedly from Scotland and the UK.
  • The geography, history and culture of Shetland and Orkney set them apart from the UK.
  • Membership of the EU is damaging for Shetland’s fishing industry and the rationale for remaining a member is weak.
  • In the absence of an autonomy deal with Scotland, Scottish independence will be damaging for Shetland.
  • Shetland needs to be self-governing


Temporary Chair:- James Titcomb james.titcomb@wirshetland.org

Secretary:- Kathy Greaves kathy.greaves@wirshetland.org

Treasurer:- Andrea Manson andrea.manson@wirshetland.org

Membership Secretary:- Duncan Simpson duncan.simpson@wirshetland.org

Committee members:-

Ali Inkster ali.inkster@wirshetland.org

Steven Jarmson steven.jarmson@wirshetland.org

Membership is open to anyone aged 16 or above, who supports the aims and objectives of the Group. Contact Membership Secretary Duncan Simpson for details.  Membership fee is £10 for