WIR SHETLAND is currently a multi-party campaign group dedicated to winning self-governing powers for Shetland.

Our preferred approach is to involve local political parties in discussions aimed at achieving our goal. However, the option of registering as a political party will be considered if necessary.


  • To protect the long term interests of Shetlanders by achieving self-governing autonomy, in line with the democratic wishes of residents.


  • To achieve Falkland Islands-style British Overseas Territory or similar, status.
  • To secure the legal rights of Shetland residents, businesses and similar bodies.
  • To develop trade and cultural links between Shetland and her political and geographic neighbours.


  • The interests of Shetland differ markedly from Scotland and the UK.
  • The geography, history and culture of Shetland and Orkney set them apart from the UK.
  • Membership of the EU is damaging for Shetland’s fishing industry and the rationale for remaining a member is weak.
  • In the absence of an autonomy deal with Scotland, Scottish independence will be damaging for Shetland.
  • Shetland needs to be self-governing